Alice Mizachi

Gallery Art Education Me


"AM collage a day #1"

2013- Ladies Wall curated by GILF!

"AM collage a day #2"

2013- Bushwick Art Collective Block Party


2013- Welling Court Mural Project- Collaboration with Olek

"Look Within"

2013- "The 7th floor" -Exhibition in Tel Aviv's bus station

"Love in the City"

2012- Think Tank in New Jersey featured by Arrested Motion-

"4 the kids in CT"

2012- Bushwick 5 points

"La Familia"

2012- Art Basel, Miami

"A Dream Deferred"

2012- Bronx, NYC

"I love old NY"

2012- 5 pointz Queens, NYC

"Little girl in Wynwood"

2012- Miami Art Basel

"The Crew" Free 5 & AM collabo

2012- Miami Art Basel

Free 5 & AM collabo

2012- Miami Art Basel


Bronx, NYC

"Dare to Dream" De Dios K & AM collabo

Welling Court Queens, NY

"Hold on to Love"

Queens, NY


2011- Queens, NYC

"Sojourner Truth"

2011- NYC /LES Girls Club Mural Project

"The Butterfly Effect"

2011- NYC /New Design High School- Rooftop Legends

"Love Connection"

2011- Queens, New York

"Spread Love"

2011- Tel Aviv, Israel /Bazel Gallery solo exhibition

"Give Me a Wall so I can Escape"

2011- Paris Confleunces/ Give Me A Wall So I can Escape Festival

"Give Me A Wall"

2011- Paris Solo exhibition at Galerie 154

"Guerilla Gardening"

2011- Paris

"Blown Away"

2011- Queens, NY /Welling Court Mural Project

"Walla Walla Arts Residency"

2011- Walla Walla, Washington

"Revive"-Materials for the Arts Mural Project

2010- Queens, NYC


2010- Canada

"Window to Ur Soul"

2010- Miami /Art Basel

"Silent Samurai"

2010- Miami /Art Basel

"Kashink & AM"

2010- Paris

"AM, Ema & Kid Acne"

2010- Paris

"Wall Production with Dey"

2010- Paris


2010- Paris

"Ma'at- The Goddess of Truth"

2010- Minneapolis /B Girl Be

"Fly Free" wall with Shiro & Mama

2010- Brooklyn, NYC

"Get Free"

2010- Brooklyn, NYC /Afropunk festival

"Surviving the Oil spill"

2010- Munich, Germany /Stroke Art Fair

"Free5 & AM"

2010- Queens, NYC

"The Secret Garden Wall"

YOUNITY production featuring AM, Kstar, Nea, Lady K Fever, Toofly, Diva, Mama, Madge, Jes, Erotica & Shiro.


2009- Minneapolis /B Girl Be


2009- Brooklyn, NYC /YOUNITY production featuring Aiko, Mama, Shiro, Sofia Maldonado, Ema, Toofly, Vik, AM, Jenone, Erotica & Inks.

"Refresh The Streets"

2010- Queens, New York


2009- Brooklyn, NYC /Afropunk festival

"Saint AM" at Cassiopeia

2008- Berlin

Archiv Youth Center wall

2008- Berlin /We B Girlz Jam featuring Spice, AM, Toofly, Shiro, Sinae, Faith 47, Mad C & PSF4ever.

"Her Bleeding Heart"

2008- Brooklyn, NYC /YOUNITY's "Heart & Soul" wall production featuring QA, Toofly, AM, Diva, Niz, Lady Pink, Erotica, Acet, Jakee, Sofia Maldonado, Aiko Nakagawa, JenOne

"Woman House"

2008- Brookyln, NYC /Momenta Art Gallery

"Goddess Sophia"

2007-Minneapolis /B Girl Be

"Thinking of U, Joe"

2007- Queens, NYC /5 Pointz

"Reach for the Stars"

2006- Minneapolis /B Girl Be

"Blow them Stars Out"

2006- Hawaii /On King Arts Center